emersa WaterBox

Our Water

We source our water from the ‘Shasta Springs’ in Dunsmuir, California.  Mt. Shasta soars to an altitude of 14,162 feet, covered with eternal snow, and self replenishing glaciers.  These glaciers melt from the bottom, and send our water on a long journey slowly percolating through miles of layered granite, gem infused rock, gold and green jade.  The water surfaces (or ‘springs’), from the stone cracks in energetic streams into a series of caves, elevation 3000ft.  Now protected behind stainless steel doors two gravity fed pipes lead out of the caves where we collect the water, untouched by human hands.

From carbon dating tests we know that our water is at least 100 (possibly 10,000) years old.  From the oxygen isotopes tested we also know that the water originates from the 7000 to 10000 ft snow and glacier level.  In 2002, scientists conducted a detailed survey of Mt. Shasta’s glaciers, examining their growth over the period of 1951 to 2002.  They discovered two of the glaciers have nearly doubled during the time periods, and another increased by 50%, two more by 33+%.  One of the expanding glaciers, named Whitney Glacier, is situated on Shasta’s northwest face and measures 2 miles long by 126 feet deep.  It is the longest and only valley glacier in California.